What our students say

Julia Chen

Primary school teacher, graduated in 2012

Renate Sauter

I’ve been working at an International Preschool in Hesse, Germany for the past 7 years and every day I greatly appreciate the knowledge that I gained from my E-Lingo course work. I worked in the travel business with children for more than 20 years, but then, when my children were older and we were about to move house 300 km away, I was forced to think about my professional career. This was why I started the E-Lingo long-distance course while working with young language learners at the same time. I had a lot of fun working with a mixed group of students coming from all over the world. The program was straightforward with essays and assignments, however, each of the modules was carefully thought out and always relevant to learning a new language.

I think that this MA course was instrumental in helping me obtain my position at the International Preschool. I was given the job even before my boxes had been unpacked in our new house in Hesse.



Sofia Borja Estupinan

Teacher in a bilingual kindergarten – graduated in 2012


Marleen Peschke,

primary school teacher

Sandra Schmid

secondary school teacher



I’ve been working at the Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg (IGH)  in Heidelberg, Baden-Württtemberg, Germany for 15 years now – usually with Year 5 and 6. Before I started the E-Lingo M.A. programme I had taken part in a research project at the IQB (Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen) in Berlin. After finishing the project I decided that I would like to know even more about classroom action research projects (CARPs) and teaching English to young learners and thus I decided to apply for the E-Lingo Master programme.

The feedback to the essays and the CARPs were always very helpful and inspiring. I was offered a great variety of excellent texts about the learning and teaching of English to young learners. The combination of texts, video clips, examples in course books as well as learner products were very helpful and linked the theoretical background with practical teaching. E-Lingo helped me to reflect on my teaching and improved both my planning and teaching, which my learners benefit from. I really appreciated the ‘Study Abroad’ where I refreshed and updated my view on England and improved my English.

During the M.A. course I applied for the post of advisor to students at the University of Education in Heidelberg (PH) who have to complete a practical teaching semester. The meetings after each lesson provide us all with helpful feedback, unexpected views, useful tips and support for teaching and further study. The M.A. course has enabled me to provide helpful feedback for the students and to evaluate lessons in a professional way.