What are the career prospects?

All over the world children start learning foreign languages at an increasingly early age. E-LINGO qualifies you to teach English to young learners.

It is an excellent form of professional development if you are already working in early years education or in a field related to the English language (eg translator, publishing).

What makes E-LINGO stand out is that it not only qualifies you to teach English to young learners but also opens up an academic path in the field as the programme allows you to develop research skills as well as gaining practical experience. This combination gives access to a wide range of job opportunities, for example

  • in nursery schools and play groups
  • in kindergartens and pre-schools
  • in language courses for children offered by private institutions (language schools, community centers etc.)
  • in primary and bilingual schools
  • at universities (post-graduate research, teacher education, doctoral degree [PHD])
  • with publishers (materials design)
  • in school administration (curriculum development, in-service teacher education).

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