Qualified employment:

Qualified employment in the field of education or in a language-related field could include employment in:

  • pre-school institutions (state or private), e.g. as kindergarten teachers, nursery nurses or playgroup leaders.
  • primary, secondary or further education (state or private), e.g. in state schools, children’s university, as private tutors, in language schools, at adult education centres or other cultural non-profit institutions (e.g. Institut Francais, British Council, Goethe Institut) or at universities.
  • publishing houses specializing in educational materials, e.g as author, consultant, developer of teaching materials.
  • other language-related fields, e.g. as translator, reader or editor, multilingual administrative assistant, or event manager.

Supporting documents must be verified (signed) and should be submitted with the application and should not be older than 10 years. Examples of supporting documents are:

  • Certificates showing that the candidate has taken part in in-service training, workshops, internships.
  • Certification given by employers (with details of the type of employment).
  • Internship protocols.

The University requires applicants to provide satisfactory evidence of their achievement and reserves the right to verify all qualifications declared by an applicant.